Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer of marine electronics, with headquarters in Japan and operating bases in some 80 countries around the world.

Since commercializing the world's first fish finder in 1948, FURUNO has supplied many types of products for the marine electronics market. By using its exclusive ultrasonic and electronics technologies, FURUNO has developed various types of products that were the first in Japan or in the world to offer particular functions or capabilities.

In 1971 FURUNO won its first Best Fish Finder Award from the NMEA association. Since then, FURUNO has had the privilege of winning 225 NMEA awards in different categories.

Today, FURUNO is a full-line manufacturer of marine electronics products with operating bases all over the world. The company has a well-established brand backed by a solid position in the marine electronics industry that includes a roughly 50% share of the global marine radar market.

Major products are navigation equipment (radars, ECDIS, VDR, AIS, GPS receivers, INS - Integrated Navigation Systems), fish finding equipment (fish finders, sonars, current indicators), radio-communication equipment (VHF and MF/HF radio-communication stations, Inmarsat satellite communication systems, GMDSS devices) and other.

Besides marine electronics, FURUNO is advancing into logistics, medical care, aviation and other new fields, with objective to steadily expand its sphere of activities beyond the seas to encompass the land, the skies and space.

HORA Elektronik d.o.o. has been the distributor and authorized service station of Furuno for the territory of Croatia and Slovenia since 1991.

Link: http://www.furuno.com/