Kannad Marine is a brand of Orolia group, renowned producer of marine electronics. Kannad Marine was created in 2009 by merging of companies Kannad SA from France and McMurdo Ltd. from UK and their acquisition by Orolia Group. Company Kannad S.A. formerly operated under the name Serpe Iesm S.A. Kannad Marine product range includes marine radio beacons (EPIRB), radar transponders (SART) and personal locators (PLB).

HORA Elektronik d.o.o. was a distrubutor and authorized service agent of Kannad S.A. (formerly Serpe Iesm S.A.) until 2009, and now our company is a distributor and authorized service agent of Orolia group for Kannad Marine brand.

Link: https://www.oroliamaritime.com/products/